Build a feature-rich video conferencing app for a skyrocketing success with the robust Zoom Clone

Video conferencing is an essential tool for communication in today’s world. If you are a business owner, you would have known the importance of your video conferencing platform by now. Eighty-nine percent of people say that video conferencing makes them feel more connected, and forty-one percent of users believe that the companies who use video conferencing as their communication channels have more engaged employees.

But to have something best, you have to make sure that the input is also best. Similarly, to have an efficient communication tool, you must have exclusive and rich features to bring out the best.

No matter where your team is located, having a video conferencing app like Zoom, which is feature-rich, can enhance productivity. Your company will be benefited in terms of collaboration, problem-solving, and to have effective meetings.

Extraordinary features for an enhancing video conferencing experience:

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is vital for interactive webinars and meetings. You should be able to share an entire screen as well as individual apps. For participants, this would be easier, as they would follow what the presenter is explaining.

Multi-webcam support

Your video conference can be more impactful when you can see the face of an individual who is discussing so that you can pick on the essential visual hints. It’s better to look out for dynamic webcam features if your business consists of several numbers of remote workers or if you hold some immediate meetings. Your video conferencing platform should support multiple webcams for this to have a better visual experience.

Voice over Internet Protocol

For teams that communicate through video, they should find it easier to connect by phone or chat. The communication will be seamless if the video conferencing is done through VoIP integration. The participants/ users can switch from video calls to voice calls or group meetings with just a button click. By integrating this, the user won’t have to start with a new connection or pause the communication to add participants or to change channels.

In-app chat

Whether it is a meeting with employees or a marketing webinar with a group of leads, the interaction between your users will enhance the meeting experience. For that, an in-app chat feature that is capable enough is necessary. Enable the chat capabilities that would allow your users to share everything from just messages to emojis during the meeting.

Real-time remote control

This feature is something that comes in handy for collaborative meetings, where participants can directly make changes like editing and sharing the documents, as they will have direct control over your mouse and keyboard.

Unlimited recording

Some meetings and presentations may be of high importance. Though the other video conferencing platforms may seem to have this feature, having unlimited storage in the cloud is where your platform would become unique. You should be able to record a webinar or meeting and share it with multiple participants in some clicks.

HD video

For an enriched video conferencing experience, HD video is the best feature that can play a significant role. As the quality is high, the engagement and interaction between the participants will be higher too.

Branding or logo addition

If you are creating content for customers in the form of webinars or presentations, including your brand name or logo, it will make the content more professional-looking.

Media addition

For some complex presentations, just the usual presentation is not enough, and you will need some exclusive features to depend on. Enable an option to upload a range of file types like PPTs, PDFs, and MP4 videos. You can gain the attention of the participants quickly by adding rich media to the presentation.

One other important feature you can add is note sharing, which can empower better presentation. By having this feature, you could capture only a few steps of the presentation and share them with the presentation. They will be able to follow what you are saying more clearly when they get the critical part.

Performance analytics

Performance analytics play a significant role in knowing how well your presentations were attended, which were the most exciting parts, and the count of people who attended the event. It is advisable to have a platform that would give both chat reports and attendance so that you could get adequate feedback. You can improvise your upcoming webinars and meetings according to it.

With the increasing number of businesses that are shifting from audio to video conferences, there seem to be so many apps emerging in the video conferencing industry. If you want to be one among them, here’s all you go to do.

On a final note,

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